Company History

Owner Amy Minnehan started B&T Cleaning Services in November 2007 after spending 11 years working in the corporate world. Her corporate experience helped her develop a strong work ethic and a mindset of continually striving to be the best, which she now applies to her cleaning service. Despite her background in business management, Amy found herself wanting more time to be home with her children so she began to consider alternative careers.

B&T Cleaning Services, named after Amy’s children Brook and Trey, first stemmed from a joking suggestion by Amy’s mother and has grown into a successful, 90% referral-based business. The company now services within a 40-mile radius of downtown Columbus, Ohio and has six team members, including Amy.

B&T focuses on allowing people to relax and enjoy their time at home by eliminating those nagging cleaning tasks. Amy recognizes that “not everyone wants their home cleaned the same, because not everyone lives their lives the same.” Therefore, each client receives a customized cleaning solution and personalized quote based on an in-home estimate. Amy strives to build close relationships with her clients and has even extended her services to include grocery shopping and pet care as needed.